Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sony MDR Nc60 Headphone Reviews

Sony MDR Nc60 Headphone Reviews

First word of Noise Cancelling headphones overall. I am a regular traveler, and a lot of my business is international. I am not a musician or anything, but I understand that a set of headphones mean the difference between arriving at your destination unstable and angry or relaxed and refreshed. Owe it to yourself to get the headphones of better quality if you are a traveler or often take a long flight on an annual basis. I have a number of headphones, always get the best noise reduction. Noise canceling on me, I tried 3 Bose QC, SENNHEISER. Cancelling a variety of different sounds, as far as "ears" of the best, not "the ear" of creatures.

Now, when I decided on a pair, I went shopping to compare different products. I tried Bose QuietComfort 3 (I know how to fly, but the comparison is discussed in the workshop), SENNHEISER PXC 350 and Sony's MDR-NC60s. NC60s sony MDR 3 is the cheapest ($ 127.39).

So, after hearing the three, and find the price it was sold there and NC60s Sony. They are good as they come, to cancel up to 85% of the noise, the sound quality and is very difficult when noise reduction is turned off. Although the price says otherwise, I do not know whether Bose or SENNHEISER efficient. For quality and price, I know that the Sony MDR NC60s is my best option. In general, the benefits exceed the disadvantages of the entire series, even though I told them I did not like the fact that it is a mild case of one hard. I like the most difficult cases, for security and greater protection when you need to put in a box in which risks to take. Other than that, but the real draw of headphones.


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